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Did Todd Glass Step Over the Line Tonight at the Improv?


Friday, May 16th, 2008 @ approx. 8:20pm

Hollywood Improv

Todd Glass is 3 minutes into his set when a gentleman in the front row (seated alone) reaches for his cell phone to respond to view and respond to a text message. Glass tells him very directly to put his phone away. The gentleman motions for Glass to hold on a moment. Glass forcefully grabs the cell phone out of the gentleman’s hands and puts the cell phone on the piano on stage and makes fun of the gentleman for 2 minutes.

Did Todd Glass go too far?

My Opinion
First things first…if I was the dude, I would have been on stage beating Todd Glass in the head with the mic. But that’s me…you may have reacted differently.

Let’s make one thing clear, it’s rude to send text messages while a comedian is on stage (especially in the front row). It’s just rude! Repeated text messaging is grounds for a comedian to go after an audience member – verbally. Furthermore, when an audience member ignores a request from the comedian to put away the phone, he deserves to be verbally annihilated by the comedian. This guy may have been a monster d-bag for ignoring Todd Glass…but for Glass to forcefully take the cell phone out of his hand…is ridiculous. Who the hell is Todd Glass?

Maybe this guy has a pregnant wife at home who he’s waiting to hear from…maybe he’s a doctor…or maybe he’s just a dick. It really doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter is…this guy paid to be there…and Glass needs to remember that. If you are a comedian, use your verbal skills. Don’t pull some garbage like this. I like Todd Glass…he makes me laugh. But I think this was piss poor.


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Sarah Silverman and Friends Gets Tons of Laughs at Largo

Show: Sarah Silverman and Friends
Cost: $5 cover
Nick Thune: ProfileShot
Morgan Murphy: ProfileShot
Mookie Blaylock
Tig Notaro: ProfileShotVideoShot
Sarah Silverman: WikiShotVideoShot
Todd Glass: ProfileShotVideoShot

Largo is a very cool place to see stand-up comedy in Los Angeles. If you want a very cheap night of comedy, pay the $5 cover and stand at the bar. But that’s for the die hard live comedy fans. I suggest saving a weekend night out for one of their Monday night shows…and having dinner there. You still pay the $5 cover…and there is a $15 minimum per person at the table…but you get a good show. $20…dinner…great comedy…in Los Angeles…pretty rare. Everyone should understand what you are getting however…the comedians are very loose here…they use their notes…and they try out new material. If you want polished…go to the clubs…if you want very good comedians grinding out good stuff…this is a cool spot.

Thune was a very good host…he was enthusiastic and I appreciated his work. I’m still blown away by the fact that there is a comedian named Mookie Blaylock…and he’s not the retired point guard from the Atlanta Hawks. Odd. Tig Notaro definitely delivered the set of the night. She is simply an amazing stand-up comedian…and totally clean. She’s so cool…and calm…I love her. Sarah Silverman was on-point as well…which was great…because the last few times she literally has forgotten her set. When she’s on…she’s one of the best. Todd Glass was great too. I really would like to see a polished set from him as well. It’s fun seeing him work out material though.

BTW…just chillin’ tonight…didn’t go see a show. I’ll keep you updated on the other shows during LIVE COMEDY WEEK.

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Sarah Silverman and Friends at Largo Tonight

Sarah Silverman, Todd Glass, and Tig Notaro anchor a solid line-up tonight at Largo and will kick off LIVE COMEDY WEEK here at Live Comedy L.A. (Say hi if you see my girlfriend and I at the bar). The show starts at 9pm. Doors at 8pm. Reservations for dinner are already booked so you have to head down early and get a spot at the bar. It’s worth it for $5. Grab a spot in line…on the “non-reservation” side…and you’ll be fine.

If for some reason you don’t want to go to Largo tonight…Live Comedy L.A. favorites Ryan Sickler and Dana Min Goodman are performing at Westwood Brewco at 9:30pm. They’re stellar performers…and I’ll be catching them later in the week at the Improv. Sickler will be laying down his classic material in prep for some big time coverage…and Dana is the dirtiest player in the game…you won’t believe what comes out of her mouth. It’s the goods.

Update: Sickler had to reschedule the Brewco for next Monday.

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Plenty of Comedy Tonight


Comedy Death Ray is the most well-known show of the L.A. alternative comedy scene (by the way…I don’t have any idea what the hell that means…alternative comedy). Comedy is comedy if you ask me…as long as it makes you and I laugh…I don’t really give a fat fanny what they call it. Good news is…this is a killer line-up.

Greg Behrendt
Todd Glass
Sklar Brothers
Tig Notaro
Jimmy Dore
hosted by Paul Rust

January 22nd (TONIGHT!)
Upright Citizens Brigade


Not to be out done…Ballgame’s Laugh Lounge is sporting a stellar line-up as well…for FREE! I’ll be there.

January 22nd (TONIGHT)
Red Rock Bar and Eatery on Sunset

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