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Stars Come Out For Ballgame’s Laugh Lounge to See Alonzo Bodden


Former head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers and 2-time NBA Champion Houston Rockets, and University of Michigan alum Rudy Tomjanovich was in the house last night for a stellar line-up for Ballgame’s Laugh Lounge at Red Rock. Other notables in the crowd included Brad Stewart from No Name Comics and my girlfriend ; ).

Alonzo Bodden is always incredible to watch at the Laugh Lounge because of how informal and intimate the setting is. He seems very comfortable with the audience. It’s the ultimate in live comedy. I’d love to see an All-Star Show at the Laugh Lounge…maybe for my birthday show (hint…hint). The rest of the line-up was great. I loved watching Keith Healy. He has improved so much…terrific to watch. Jen Murphy was dirtier than ever…and I loved it. Rebecca Michael nailed it. Patrick Keane…as Alonzo Bodden said…is an incredible joke writer. And Laura Hayden was awesome in her white jeans on the 28th day.

The crowd continues to grow…and I hope L.A. keeps supporting live comedy. See you around town…go laugh.

Buy Alonzo Bodden’s new CD – “The Bootleg”


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Chris Rock Tonight

3 months after buying my tickets and 10 years since I last saw him in concert, I am finally going to the Chris Rock show tonight at the Gibson Amphitheatre!  Quite possibly the greatest comedian of our time.  If you are there, say hi…he’s going to kill!

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Can’t Live Without Mid-Week Comedy

Life tends to be stressful. Ever have this go through your head – “Gotta get up for work.” “Is it really Monday morning again?” “Seriously? Taxes are due?” “It’s only Tuesday…this is the longest week ever.”

We all think the same stuff. It doesn’t matter who you are…everyone has those moments where you just want to pack it in for the day. Just shut down the lap top and say “F’ it…I’m out.”

That’s exactly why I absolutely can’t live without live comedy during the week. Thankfully this week it was another Ballgame’s Laugh Lounge at Red Rock. I don’t really feel like doing the standard show review. I just want to tell the world how much laughing means in the grand scheme of life. There are so many times at the end of the day where I just want to go home after work and go to sleep…even when I know Ballgame’s show is going to happen. But then I remind myself how great it is to actually go laugh for 2 hours. Think about it…you get to go laugh. You don’t have to think. You can laugh at Duncan Trussell do Lil’ Hobo or watch Chris Franjola rail on some girl in the front row for texting during his set.

I am thankful for these experiences. I really hope everyone will join in and try to laugh a little more often because it will help get you through a week that just seems to be going bad. I know you’re tired…I know you’re busy…but take an hour…or two to go laugh during the week. I promise it’ll make things in your life so much easier to deal with.

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No Name Comics at Room 5 is Packed for a Terrific Show


We hit up No Name Comics on Sunday at Room 5. Host Brad Stewart puts on the show every Sunday and usually gets a decent crowd from what I hear…but always a very solid line-up of funny comedians, including the likes of Aisha Tyler and Brody Stevens on a regular basis. No difference last night as far as comedians are concerned, but the room was absolutely packed – which was terrific to see. I really hope we can help keep this room full every Sunday night. Last night featured 4 of my favorite comedians in Los Angeles – scratch that – in the country and the discovery of 3 more terrific talents.

Favorites: Andrew Norelli, Iliza Shlesinger, Christina Pazsitzky, Ryan Sickler
New Discoveries: Carlos Kotkin, Andrew Orvedahl, Alex Nussbaum

You’ve heard me talk about the favorites over and over again. But I’d like to make something clear…great comedians are like fine wine – you can experience them many times but enjoy them just as much as you did the first time…and notice new things every time you see them…and appreciate the nuances that you never recognized previously. It’s really incredible. I’ve seen Ryan Sickler do the same set at least 10 times…to the point where he apologized to me before going on stage. But the reality is you will never see a comedian do the same set, the same way…ever. And last night, Sickler performed his set better than I’ve ever seen it. He truly has evolved as a comedian in terms of his delivery and pacing. His material has always been amazing but watching him last night was just awesome. The same is true for Norelli and CP (CP is how we will refer to Christina Pazsitzky from now on). I love watching them because they are on-point every single time. I am so happy that Norelli is filming for the Late, Late Show tonight and CP is going full steam with stand-up. Please do yourself a favor and get out and see them at your earliest convenience. I will pay you money if you do not enjoy their performance.

Carlos Kotkin was an interesting change-up as far as stand-up comedy is concerned. He is more of a story teller. I dug it…and so did the rest of the crowd. He had a bit about herpes and HIV that was off the charts. Andrew Orvedahl and Alex Nussbaum were great surprises as well. Nussbaum’s jokes about his Russian mother were killer and Overdahl’s Riverside jokes were great. I’ll definitely get out to see these guys again.

Good night of stand-up comedy on a Sunday night. Now it’s time to pick my brackets.

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Live Comedy This Sunday in Los Angeles: UNREAL Line-Up at No Name Comics

In case you didn’t know…this Sunday is a Holiday…it’s Selection Sunday. The day that 65 teams are picked to participate in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. It’s an amazing day for a college basketball junkie like myself. Unbelievably…my Sunday just got about 33x better. Brad Stewart…the host of No Name Comics…just informed us of this absolutely incredible line-up:

Andrew Norelli
Iliza Shlesinger
Ryan Sickler
Christina Pazsitzky
Carlos Kotkin
Ed Galvez
Andrew Orvedahl
Alex Nussbaum
Brad Stewart

Are you kidding me?  Folks…the first 4 comedians on that list are as good as it gets. Not just in Los Angeles…but in the country. Unreal. Selection Sunday. No Name Comics. Let’s do this.

No NaMe CoMiCs @ROOM 5

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Rogan Smokes the Ice House in Pasadena March 14 and 15th


Rogan. It’s a show you do not want to miss. He delivers what could be the best live comedy performance ever. There is only one excuse for missing these shows – watching NCAA Basketball conference tournament games. But that’s it.

Friday, March 14th – 8:30pm and 10:30pm
Saturday, March 15th – 9pm and 11pm

Check the Ice House Website for details.

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Los Angeles Comedian Dwayne Perkins in New Verizon Commercial


Keep an eye out for the new Verizon Wireless commercial…you’ll see L.A. comedian Dwayne Perkins. Dwayne is a terrific, clean comedian from NY who now performs regularly in the L.A.-area. In fact, you can catch him this Tuesday, March 4th at the Hollywood Improv at 10pm. See them on TV…then see them live in the clubs. It’s great when our local comedians get their breaks. If you spot any L.A. comedians on TV shows, in commercials, or in movies…let us know. In the mean time, check out Dwayne in the Verizon commercial and in the this YouTube Video.

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