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Improv – 8/1/07

Paul Ogata
KT Tatara
Shane Wang
Kevin Schea
Edwin San Juan
Jo Koy

Slanted Comedy made it’s way to the Hollywood Improv…and I was able to catch it for the first time. I haven’t seen Jo Koy in almost a year so it was good to see him. Big crowd…I’m not gonna lie to you…the Asian themed shows always draw a big crowd at the comedy clubs…whether it’s PK’s show at the Laugh Factory or Edwin’s show…they draw a crowd. On to the comedians:

Paul Ogata –
This was my first time seeing Paul and he was a fantastic host. He had great jokes to warm up the crowd…knew all the comedians in the line-up personally…didn’t mess up their intros…and you never got the sense that he was trying to step on their time. He set-up each comedian so you were excited to see them. Plus Paul had his own great material. His iBoner joke is stellar. Definitely will see him again.

KT Tatara –
KT comes with an agressive style of comedy. And he’s dirty…which I like. I like this line, “I was with this girl in her bedroom…and I came across her bible. Which made me feel awkward because I meant to come on her face.” HA! Good stuff from KT. Plus I like how promoted his site and iPod promotion at the end of his set. If the host and the venue aren’t going to do…which should be priority number one in this business…then the comedians have to.

Shane Wang –
I don’t think Shang was supposed to be in the line-up but he stopped down from SF…which was cool. Smooth, deep voice style…his best joke of the night was about a girl he was dating…and his roommate thought he could do “better”. Shane said, “Yeah, I could do “Better”…but “Better” wasn’t trying to do me. “Better” was trying to fuck “Best”. So I’ll just stick with “OK”. Awesome!

Kevin Schea –
Kevin Schea is always stellar…I’ve seen him probably 4 times. I need to check out his DVD “Kim’s of Comedy”. He definitely didn’t disappoint tonight though. He has a very non-chalant style…like he’s half drunk…in fact he may be…but it totally works on stage. I’m always happy to see him in a line-up.

Edwin San Juan –
First time seeing Edwin…he rocked. His Asian stereo-type jokes were actually good. Especially the Filippino accent’s. He puts on a great show.

Jo Koy –
I love Jo…great guy…and just out of this world funny. His fighting joke is top 5 jokes of all time as far as I’m concerned. And he added a shitting joke that actually had me nervous that I wasn’t going to breathe again. Plus his Filippino Mother jokes are amazing. I’m happy that he just landed a show Comedy Central…I’m looking forward to it.


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