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Shang, March Madness, and the Week That Was

Family, Friends, Live Comedy, and College Basketball…that’s what life is all about…well, at least in my world. And during the month of March…barring death…College Basketball rules all…so bare with me on the slow updates on the world of live comedy in Los Angeles. Nothing in sports…and very few things in life…beat Davidson knocking off Georgetown or San Diego taking down UConn. It’s not just about basketball…it’s about setting a goal, believing in yourself, and fighting against all odds to come out on top. Ask a stand-up comedian…they might be able to tell you what it feels like ; ).

I wanted to wrap-up a few loose ends from last week. I went to Ballgame’s Laugh Lounge at Red Rock on Tuesday to see Shang perform for the first time. I can’t lie…I had preconceived notions about Shang (I’m human). I saw the headshots…the big time pub…and I thought…”Who the heck is this guy?” Here’ is the truth – Shang is the man. Very cool, down to earth comedian…so comfortable on stage. He wasted no time in letting the jokes fly. I am not sure how long he has been doing stand-up…but I would venture to say it’s forever because the stage looks like it’s home. He reminds me of Joe Rogan…I have a feeling these guys would get along. Just doesn’t give a shit…and tells it like it is. So great to see him do his thing in an intimate setting like Ballgame’s.

The rest of the line-up was good. I think Brian Keith Etheridge went on too long about sucking dick. His material is too good to be talking about sucking dick for 7 minutes. It’s uncomfortable. It’s not Gaffigan talking about bacon…you get a different vibe. Saw Ed Galvez for the second time in the last week…I’d like to see Ed do improv or sketch…I think he would kill in that environment. Josh Wolf was stellar…his jokes about his kids are unreal. He tells a joke about wrestling his teenage son and using “old man strength” that had me screaming. Bryan Erwin is always good. And Ballgame had Jay Montepere in the house for the first time. He was solid. Looking forward to seeing him again.

Calendar updates coming soon. Let me know if you saw Attell last week.


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Ballgame’s Laugh Lounge FREE

Great show on Tuesday the 6th at Red Rock…I’ll be in the house.
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Ballgame’s Laugh Lounge At Red Rock – 8/7/07

Matty Ballgame
Patrick Ney
Lana Turner
Bernadette Balagtas
Nick Thune
Jeff Short
Michael Batts
Chris Porter
Josh Wolf

Biggest line-up in Ballgame Laugh Lounge history tonight…but it wasn’t awful. You know why…because all of the comedians were good…they stuck to their time…no one went up too long…and that kept you wanting more. The other thing was important…at no point was Matty saying stuff like, “OK folks…only few more comedian…hang in there.” I hate that shit. If you have to say that…the comedians aren’t good…and you are putting on a bad show…and not helping the cause…which is getting people out to see live comedy. Get with the program folks…this should always be fun…not torture.

Just a highlight review this time (sorry to the comedians in this line-up…I’ll get you back in more detail on another blog) because I’m writing this two weeks after the fact…my bad…I’ll catch up today.

Matty Ballgame is still slinging new jokes every time and the confidence is still rising…I love it. Pat Ney was very good…looking forward to seeing him again. I still can’t get into Lana Turner’s style…it’s not that she has bad jokes…I’m just not into the style…to each his own. I LOVE Bernadette Balagtas…she is just very friendly…clean…funny as hell. Thune did his IM Bit…Salmonerd/Insynchottie…very well done bit…I’ve seen it 3 times now…and he has it dialed…looking for new material from Thune. Jeff Short was the surprise of the night…he crushed it…tons of talent…great jokes…a big time up and comer with Kinno. Michael Batts had a solid set…Porter was stellar…and Josh Wolf was solid. More later on everyone.

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