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Stars Come Out For Ballgame’s Laugh Lounge to See Alonzo Bodden


Former head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers and 2-time NBA Champion Houston Rockets, and University of Michigan alum Rudy Tomjanovich was in the house last night for a stellar line-up for Ballgame’s Laugh Lounge at Red Rock. Other notables in the crowd included Brad Stewart from No Name Comics and my girlfriend ; ).

Alonzo Bodden is always incredible to watch at the Laugh Lounge because of how informal and intimate the setting is. He seems very comfortable with the audience. It’s the ultimate in live comedy. I’d love to see an All-Star Show at the Laugh Lounge…maybe for my birthday show (hint…hint). The rest of the line-up was great. I loved watching Keith Healy. He has improved so much…terrific to watch. Jen Murphy was dirtier than ever…and I loved it. Rebecca Michael nailed it. Patrick Keane…as Alonzo Bodden said…is an incredible joke writer. And Laura Hayden was awesome in her white jeans on the 28th day.

The crowd continues to grow…and I hope L.A. keeps supporting live comedy. See you around town…go laugh.

Buy Alonzo Bodden’s new CD – “The Bootleg”


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Mid-Week Comedy

No excuse for the lack of blog entries lately. Headed out to see The Crime Fighter – Sam Tripoli and Alonzo Bodden in action tonight at Ballgame’s Laugh Lounge at Red Rock. Give me a shout if you’re there – just ask around…

Also, just got word that LiveComedyLA.com got its first media mention on 93.1 Jack FM.  Thanks guys!  And thanks Matty Ballgame for the PR.

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Shang, March Madness, and the Week That Was

Family, Friends, Live Comedy, and College Basketball…that’s what life is all about…well, at least in my world. And during the month of March…barring death…College Basketball rules all…so bare with me on the slow updates on the world of live comedy in Los Angeles. Nothing in sports…and very few things in life…beat Davidson knocking off Georgetown or San Diego taking down UConn. It’s not just about basketball…it’s about setting a goal, believing in yourself, and fighting against all odds to come out on top. Ask a stand-up comedian…they might be able to tell you what it feels like ; ).

I wanted to wrap-up a few loose ends from last week. I went to Ballgame’s Laugh Lounge at Red Rock on Tuesday to see Shang perform for the first time. I can’t lie…I had preconceived notions about Shang (I’m human). I saw the headshots…the big time pub…and I thought…”Who the heck is this guy?” Here’ is the truth – Shang is the man. Very cool, down to earth comedian…so comfortable on stage. He wasted no time in letting the jokes fly. I am not sure how long he has been doing stand-up…but I would venture to say it’s forever because the stage looks like it’s home. He reminds me of Joe Rogan…I have a feeling these guys would get along. Just doesn’t give a shit…and tells it like it is. So great to see him do his thing in an intimate setting like Ballgame’s.

The rest of the line-up was good. I think Brian Keith Etheridge went on too long about sucking dick. His material is too good to be talking about sucking dick for 7 minutes. It’s uncomfortable. It’s not Gaffigan talking about bacon…you get a different vibe. Saw Ed Galvez for the second time in the last week…I’d like to see Ed do improv or sketch…I think he would kill in that environment. Josh Wolf was stellar…his jokes about his kids are unreal. He tells a joke about wrestling his teenage son and using “old man strength” that had me screaming. Bryan Erwin is always good. And Ballgame had Jay Montepere in the house for the first time. He was solid. Looking forward to seeing him again.

Calendar updates coming soon. Let me know if you saw Attell last week.

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Best FREE Comedy Show in the City Set for a Killer Line-up This Tuesday


If you are a fan of stand-up comedy or just feel like a good laugh this week…Ballgame’s Laugh Lounge at Red Rock is set for killer line-up. Brian Scolaro, Tom Segura, and Jeff Short are simply 3 of the best stand-up comedians in the country…let alone Los Angeles. It’s FREE, there’s no drink minimum…and you can park in the $4 lot across the street. Take a cheap date…hell…take your wife…and get some laughs on the cheap. But I promise you…this is the real deal. Check out this VideoShot of Segura…and I’ll see you on Tuesday at 8:30 at Red Rock.

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Ryan Sickler Set to Film “Live At Gotham” for Comedy Central


Just got off the phone with Los Angeles comedian, Ryan Sickler…he’s gearing up for next Saturday’s taping of “Live At Gotham” for Comedy Central. Sickler recently appeared on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson and now he hits CC for the first time. For those not familiar, “Live At Gotham” is CC’s stand-up comedy show that usually features 4 to 5 comedians doing 6 minute sets. They do about 10 minutes and edit down to 6…no swearing. Just another reason it’s essential to see comedians live. Unfortunately, no “Dash of Downs” for the national audience…but no worries…this guy is still one of the top players in the game. We called it last year when he performed at Ballgame’s Laugh Lounge at Red Rock…it’s nice to see the top brass at the networks are catching up with Live Comedy L.A. ; ).

As soon as I get an air date..I’ll be sure to post it. In the mean time…check out Sickler’s movie Cut Man.

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Chris Franjola Lays Down Stellar Stand-up Comedy at Red Rock


Let’s pretend for a minute you have a date. And let’s say you’re still getting to know this person…meaning…no weekend dates yet (don’t make that mistake).  You don’t want to spend a lot of money yet because you aren’t too sure where things are going. You know what I’m talking about. So what are your options…drinks…coffee…nope…dumb. Go with comedy. Trust me on this one. I submit to you the ultimate cheap date…the best stand-up comedy show in the city…Ballgame’s Laugh Lounge. No cover…no drink minimum…and just a great time. Guaranteed action folks.

Last night’s show was stellar. Tight sets from everyone. The place was packed! Let’s check the line-up and see what happened:

Ritchie Angeles: ProfileShot
Chris Edwards: ProfileShot
Adam Gropman: ProfileShot
Scott Nelson: ProfileShot
Matt Dwyer: ProfileShot
Mike O’Connell: ProfileShot
Chris Franjola: ProfileShot

Ritchie Angeles was an incredible host. He was exactly what you look for in a host of a stand-up comedy show. Funny, professional, and dialed into the intros. He set aside his ego (not that he has one – but we all do in one way or another) for the good of the show. His introductions were stellar…made everyone in the audience look forward to the comedians when they came up. I hope every comedian thanked him at the end of the show. And if you are a comedian who has a good host at your show…make sure to thank him or her.

Chris Edwards was great also. It was his first time at Red Rock and it was my first time seeing him. He led off with a joke about a woman calling him a Todd Bridges and Carlton Banks look-a-like. Hilarious! Because it was true.

Adam Gropman was off the charts last night. Adam’s last performance at Red Rock was tough…but I knew he could bring it back around…and he nailed it last night. The jokes about dating an older woman had me screaming. So good. Awesome to watch the process and how slight changes in the routine can make such a big difference.

Scott Nelson crushed it too. He has a joke about pens that was the joke of the night. I hate to compare but to help you out a bit…he has a little Seinfeld flare to him. Good show.

Matt Dwyer is a sick bastard…and I love it…and think everyone else does too. After gulping down his wine…he just rattles off some sick stuff that had the crowd rolling. His existential outlook is funny.

Mike O’Connell was out of place. He’s a very talented guy…but his guitar…one man show routine was not stand-up. I don’t want to judge…because performance is performance…but I’m a purest when it comes to stand-up. I also think he went on too long…but that’s not my call. I have to admit though…the Asian Baby song was funny.  Great actor…great performer…

Chris Franjola is off the charts funny. He brought some new material…which I always appreciate. I actually think Franjola is the funniest when he just does off the cuff material…crowd work. His older stuff was great too. His joke about watching his buddy’s video tapes will never get old.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again…Franjola is one of the top comedians in our city. I don’t know what I have to do…but everyone needs to go see him. I will call him out on one thing though…he talked a little trash about the “line-up card”. I don’t think Chris knows I invented the “line-up” card so people know who to search when they get home from the show. Instead of typing in Chris Granola…or Chris Frijoles…in the Google search box…they’ll search for Franjola (not too often you can use a comedians joke against him – if you were there…you’ll get it!). It’s all about organic search engine optimization folks.

Folks…Los Angeles stand-up comedy rocks!

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Tuesday Night is Comedy Night in Los Angeles

Apparently, stand-up comedy is back with a vengeance on Tuesday night’s in Los Angeles. Here’s a quick and dirty for you because it’s late you need to make decisions because you have a date in 30 minutes and you have no idea what you’re doing.

8pm: Canoga Park Bowl
The Dirty: This show is put on by Dante from Last Comic Standing…it’s for mostly up and comers…but if you want free and low key…it’s not bad. Don’t expect much though…go in with LOW, LOW, LOW exectations.

8:30: Red Rock – Ballgame’s Laugh Lounge
The Dirty: Matty Ballgame puts on the best room in the city. No cover…no drink min. and the best comics in town. Chris Franjola is in the house tonight…I’ll be there.

10pm: Laugh Factory – Jay Davis’ Life of the Party
The Dirty: Looks like Jay is bringing in Dane Cook for tonight festivities…and probably a few other rock star comedians. Get there EARLY..like EEEEARLY…and get on Jay’s list on Myspace.

For get expensive dinners…forget night clubs…forget bars…it’s all about stand-up comedy tonight people. I’ll let you know how Red Rock was tomorrow.

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