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Stars Come Out For Ballgame’s Laugh Lounge to See Alonzo Bodden


Former head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers and 2-time NBA Champion Houston Rockets, and University of Michigan alum Rudy Tomjanovich was in the house last night for a stellar line-up for Ballgame’s Laugh Lounge at Red Rock. Other notables in the crowd included Brad Stewart from No Name Comics and my girlfriend ; ).

Alonzo Bodden is always incredible to watch at the Laugh Lounge because of how informal and intimate the setting is. He seems very comfortable with the audience. It’s the ultimate in live comedy. I’d love to see an All-Star Show at the Laugh Lounge…maybe for my birthday show (hint…hint). The rest of the line-up was great. I loved watching Keith Healy. He has improved so much…terrific to watch. Jen Murphy was dirtier than ever…and I loved it. Rebecca Michael nailed it. Patrick Keane…as Alonzo Bodden said…is an incredible joke writer. And Laura Hayden was awesome in her white jeans on the 28th day.

The crowd continues to grow…and I hope L.A. keeps supporting live comedy. See you around town…go laugh.

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Mid-Week Comedy

No excuse for the lack of blog entries lately. Headed out to see The Crime Fighter – Sam Tripoli and Alonzo Bodden in action tonight at Ballgame’s Laugh Lounge at Red Rock. Give me a shout if you’re there – just ask around…

Also, just got word that LiveComedyLA.com got its first media mention on 93.1 Jack FM.  Thanks guys!  And thanks Matty Ballgame for the PR.

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Alonzo Bodden Kills @ Ballgame’s Laugh Lounge – 11/20/07

FYI: Trying some things with Snap.com functionality…just mouse over the links and see what happens. Should be able to see web pages and Youtube videos right here without leave. Cool stuff!

Matty “Ballgame” Balaker
Dave Lease
Adam Richmond
Bernadette Balagtas
Michael Batts
Brody Stevens
Alonzo Bodden

Red Rock was jammed again for another Ballgame’s Laugh Lounge. Pretty great for Thanksgiving week. I love how management is really embracing this show. They have rearranged seating…added tables…adjusted lighting…hell…we might even get a waitress up there if this keeps up.

Matty “Ballgame” Balaker
Matty did some great call back material to the last show when a crazy woman essentially attacked him on stage. It’s great that Matt recognizes the regulars and makes them feel welcome. I want to mention Matt’s customer service skills quickly while I have a chance. We talk about this a lot here but it is rarely implemented at the clubs and especially at the rooms. Before and after every show, Matt is introducing himself to each person in the crowd and thanking them for coming. I’ve never been thanked for attending a show at the Improv or at the Laugh Factory…and I pay money to go there. Take note folks.

Dave Lease –
It was my first time seeing Dave and his first appearance at Red Rock. He was really good. Loved the joke about hell at the end.

Adam Richmond
Adam is nuts…and it’s awesome! Tons of energy…and really fun. He ended his set with a brilliant line. The one thing a dude doesn’t want to say to a woman in a very intimate moment…”I want you inside me.” HILARIOUS!

Bernadette Balagtas –
I love Bernadette. She’s hilarious, clean, and really cool. She’s the type of comedian that everyone can appreciate.

Michael Batts –
Michael is Bernadette’s husband. They do a great back and forth when he comes up on stage and she sits down. I’d like to see some new material from Michael…but that is only because I like him so much. The Jaime Fox stuff gets me everytime.

Brody Stevens
Everyone knows how much I love Brody. Some people just don’t get him…he is definitely an acquired taste. But I think he’s brilliant. For some reason, people take his stage persona as being serious, because his style is so unique. I’ll make it very clear…he’s joking!!! I think it’s amazing when he says stuff like “I’m brilliant. I know math. I got my degree online.” He provides this contrast of himself that is just amazing. 818 till I die!!! BTW…joke of the night. “I’m not one of those West Side Jews…a Montana Ave. Jew. I’m a Valley Jew. A blue collar Jew. My dad ran the Swap Meet.” I’m almost fell over laughing at that.

Alonzo Bodden
I can pretty much guarantee Alonzo Bodden gives his best performances at Ballgame’s Laugh Lounge. You can tell he is so relaxed…and he’s just kickin’ jokes. No pressure. Just he and the audience. It’s so much fun. And some how…when he performs…there is always great interaction with the crowd. This time he reminded a “heckler” that he can rely on the heckler to always be there to help him. It was absolutely hilarious…especially if you see a lot comedy or if you are a comedian. Terrific.

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