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No Name Comics at Room 5 is Packed for a Terrific Show


We hit up No Name Comics on Sunday at Room 5. Host Brad Stewart puts on the show every Sunday and usually gets a decent crowd from what I hear…but always a very solid line-up of funny comedians, including the likes of Aisha Tyler and Brody Stevens on a regular basis. No difference last night as far as comedians are concerned, but the room was absolutely packed – which was terrific to see. I really hope we can help keep this room full every Sunday night. Last night featured 4 of my favorite comedians in Los Angeles – scratch that – in the country and the discovery of 3 more terrific talents.

Favorites: Andrew Norelli, Iliza Shlesinger, Christina Pazsitzky, Ryan Sickler
New Discoveries: Carlos Kotkin, Andrew Orvedahl, Alex Nussbaum

You’ve heard me talk about the favorites over and over again. But I’d like to make something clear…great comedians are like fine wine – you can experience them many times but enjoy them just as much as you did the first time…and notice new things every time you see them…and appreciate the nuances that you never recognized previously. It’s really incredible. I’ve seen Ryan Sickler do the same set at least 10 times…to the point where he apologized to me before going on stage. But the reality is you will never see a comedian do the same set, the same way…ever. And last night, Sickler performed his set better than I’ve ever seen it. He truly has evolved as a comedian in terms of his delivery and pacing. His material has always been amazing but watching him last night was just awesome. The same is true for Norelli and CP (CP is how we will refer to Christina Pazsitzky from now on). I love watching them because they are on-point every single time. I am so happy that Norelli is filming for the Late, Late Show tonight and CP is going full steam with stand-up. Please do yourself a favor and get out and see them at your earliest convenience. I will pay you money if you do not enjoy their performance.

Carlos Kotkin was an interesting change-up as far as stand-up comedy is concerned. He is more of a story teller. I dug it…and so did the rest of the crowd. He had a bit about herpes and HIV that was off the charts. Andrew Orvedahl and Alex Nussbaum were great surprises as well. Nussbaum’s jokes about his Russian mother were killer and Overdahl’s Riverside jokes were great. I’ll definitely get out to see these guys again.

Good night of stand-up comedy on a Sunday night. Now it’s time to pick my brackets.


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New Live Comedy Calendar Added to Live Comedy L.A.

If you look to your right, you’ll see a link for a new Live Comedy Calendar. It isn’t exactly how I want it to look, but it’ll do for now. I’m not an HTML expert…and I’m learning all this as I go…so bare with me. But I can promise you that I will only put up good shows and good deals that are worth your time. If it’s a crap show, it’s not going up (or I’ll just give you a big warning – we’re always honest around here). It’s a Google Calendar, so it’s very functional. You can add shows to your own calendar so you don’t forget, map directions, invite friends…the whole drill. Just click on the show…and then the link for more details. I’ll put the line-up info there and any other details I think are relevant. I’ll use this as a more permanent location for shows that I recommend. There may be shows here that I do not talk about in the blog…so you’ll want to check-it even if you read the blog. Plus, if you use any Google accounts…you can just add the whole calendar to your own Calendars and not even think about it. It will show up in your list of calendars. Boom…we’re full service over here at Live Comedy L.A.

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Andrew Norelli Taping for the Late, Late Show – See His Set at No Name Comics on Sunday


Comedian Andrew Norelli will be filming for the Late, Late Show on Monday. Norelli is of the country’s best comedians and his appearance is well deserved. On Tuesday, I appeared on Stuart Paap’s internet show “Live From the Future” and gave a list of comedians that I thought were going to be big in the very near future. I was remiss in leaving Norelli off this list. It was a huge oversight. If you read this page, you are aware that I think Norelli is just as good as bigger name comedians like the great Daniel Tosh. Norelli is professional and will be big time. It’ll be great to see him on the Late, Late Show.

If you are interested in seeing the set live before he performs it on the Late, Late Show, Andrew will be doing a run through on Sunday at No Name Comics. We gave you all the details here. Hope to see you there.

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Lewis Black hits SoCal in May: Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks, and Long Beach


Lewis Black
Lewis Black is live in Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks, and Long Beach this May. The string of great stand-up comedy concerts in the Los Angeles-area keeps going. I saw Black two years ago at Comedy Central’s Last Laugh. He’s great. I like those angry comedians though. It’s cathartic. Here’s the info:

On Sale Sat, Mar 15 at 10:00 am:
Arlington Theatre – Santa Barbara
Thursday, May 1 – BUY TICKETS

On Sale Sat, Mar 15 at 12:00 pm:
Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza
Friday, May 2 – BUY TICKETS

On Sale Sun, Mar 16 at 10:00 am:
Long Beach Terrace Theater
Saturday, May 3 – BUY TICKETS

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Live Comedy This Sunday in Los Angeles: UNREAL Line-Up at No Name Comics

In case you didn’t know…this Sunday is a Holiday…it’s Selection Sunday. The day that 65 teams are picked to participate in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. It’s an amazing day for a college basketball junkie like myself. Unbelievably…my Sunday just got about 33x better. Brad Stewart…the host of No Name Comics…just informed us of this absolutely incredible line-up:

Andrew Norelli
Iliza Shlesinger
Ryan Sickler
Christina Pazsitzky
Carlos Kotkin
Ed Galvez
Andrew Orvedahl
Alex Nussbaum
Brad Stewart

Are you kidding me?  Folks…the first 4 comedians on that list are as good as it gets. Not just in Los Angeles…but in the country. Unreal. Selection Sunday. No Name Comics. Let’s do this.

No NaMe CoMiCs @ROOM 5

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For Your Comedy Pleasure: Stand-Up Comedy in L.A. March 11 – 15

Here is your schedule of stand-up comedy for the week in the city of Los Angeles – plenty of chances to see Joe Rogan and Jamie Kennedy…so get to it:

Tuesday, March 11th:

  • 10pm – Valley Nights – Hollywood Improv – Joe Rogan headlines this show brought to you by local promoter Tim Mars. $13 online or at the door.
  • 10pm – Life of the Party with Jay Davis – Laugh Factory – Looks like Jamie Kennedy will be there…and more than likely you will see Dane Cook. $10 if you get on Jay’s List.
  • 10pm – Comedy Juice – Irvine Improv – Brian Scolaro, Ben Gleib, Nick Thune, Chris Porter. Stellar line-up in the O.C. Free.

Wednesday, March 12th:

  • 8pm – Snuggle Time – Westside Ecclectic – Rob Delaney hosts a great line-up led by the unbelievable Tig Notaro and the incredible Natasha Leggero. I think it’s $5…but don’t quote me.
  • 10pm – Comedy Juice – Hollywood Improv – Jamie Kennedy and Doug Benson. Hit up for $7 tickets.
  • Check Time – Ontario Improv – Rice and Beans of Comedy – Bobby Lee and Johnny Sanchez.

Friday, March 14th:

  • 8pm – Hollywood Improv – Chris Porter headlines. Use PROMO CODE: PORT for FREE tickets
  • 10pm – Downtown Comedy Club – Jamie Kennedy
  • 10:30pm – Ice House Pasadena – Joe Rogan

Saturday, March 15th:

  • 8pm – Downtown Comedy Club – Jamie Kennedy
  • 9pm – Ice House Pasadena – Joe Rogan
  • 10pm – Downtown Comedy Club – Jamie Kennedy
  • 10pm – Hollywood Improv – Chris Porter headlines. Use PROMO CODE: PORT for FREE tickets
  • 11pm – Ice House Pasadena – Joe Rogan

Tons of options for some really good stand-up comedy in Los Angeles this week. From Free to not that expensive. If you are looking for plans this weekend, look no further. Go Laugh.

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Chelsea Handler at The Wiltern April 25th: Presale March 7th


Chelsea Handler

Looks like Chelsea Handler from “Chelsea Lately” on E! is going head to head with Chris Rock on April 25th in Battle of the Stand-up Comedy Concerts in Los Angeles.

Friday, April 25
The Wiltern

Presale starts: Fri, Mar 7 at 10am
Presale ends: Fri, Mar 7 at 10pm (Tickets for Presale Available Here) Pre-sale code: rock

General On-sale Date: Saturday, March 8
Tickets Available HERE at TicketMaster

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