Did Todd Glass Step Over the Line Tonight at the Improv?


Friday, May 16th, 2008 @ approx. 8:20pm

Hollywood Improv

Todd Glass is 3 minutes into his set when a gentleman in the front row (seated alone) reaches for his cell phone to respond to view and respond to a text message. Glass tells him very directly to put his phone away. The gentleman motions for Glass to hold on a moment. Glass forcefully grabs the cell phone out of the gentleman’s hands and puts the cell phone on the piano on stage and makes fun of the gentleman for 2 minutes.

Did Todd Glass go too far?

My Opinion
First things first…if I was the dude, I would have been on stage beating Todd Glass in the head with the mic. But that’s me…you may have reacted differently.

Let’s make one thing clear, it’s rude to send text messages while a comedian is on stage (especially in the front row). It’s just rude! Repeated text messaging is grounds for a comedian to go after an audience member – verbally. Furthermore, when an audience member ignores a request from the comedian to put away the phone, he deserves to be verbally annihilated by the comedian. This guy may have been a monster d-bag for ignoring Todd Glass…but for Glass to forcefully take the cell phone out of his hand…is ridiculous. Who the hell is Todd Glass?

Maybe this guy has a pregnant wife at home who he’s waiting to hear from…maybe he’s a doctor…or maybe he’s just a dick. It really doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter is…this guy paid to be there…and Glass needs to remember that. If you are a comedian, use your verbal skills. Don’t pull some garbage like this. I like Todd Glass…he makes me laugh. But I think this was piss poor.


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