Ice House Rules: Jo Koy and Steve Flye Kill


I have a new favorite comedy club – The Ice House in Pasadena. The Ice House combines all the best features of the Improv, Laugh Factory, and Comedy Store…plus it throws in ample parking. I absolutely loved my first visit to the Ice House. The venue was well-designed, the staff was friendly and on top of their game, the show was spectacular, and it’s reasonably priced. It was the little things though that I dug the most:

1. All the chairs in the main room faced the stage.
2. The staff took both your drink orders at the same time at the beginning of the show (as not to interrupt you during the show).
3. Every seat is within 30 feet of the stage.
4. The main room was tiered.

The list really goes on and on. The highest complement that I can pay the Ice House is to say that I would like to hold my 30th birthday here coming up in July. We are building a killer line-up of my favorite comedians for the event and I want it to be here.

The line-up was amazing: Frazier Smith, Steve Flye, Jason Collins, Kenny Johnson, and Jo Koy.

Everyone was terrific. Jo Koy went for about an hour and a half. He did new material on the 405 and his son. But amazingly, the crowded requested jokes…and he did them. It was simply the greatest thing I have ever seen in stand-up comedy. Right there…that’s what live comedy is all about.

The comedian of the night however was Steve Flye. We expect Jo Koy to be amazing…and he was. But I love seeing new comedians just kill it. Steve had a joke about child support that was off the charts. Seeing Steve was like seeing Ryan Sickler or Christina P. or Chris Franjola or Tom Segura for the first…he has the goods – you can just tell. It’s an exciting feeling for a comedy dork like me. Check out his VideoShot of Steve.

…and definitely check out the Ice House…I’ll be there all summer checking out the comedians.



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2 responses to “Ice House Rules: Jo Koy and Steve Flye Kill

  1. MB

    I don’t like the drive. But the Ice House is awesome.

  2. Hardeep

    Jo definately killed it on Sunday. I’m his Indian friend who was sitting up front (and he tore apart). He has something special for sure. That show was crazy and he pulled off all the requests perfect.

    I couldn’t stop telling him what an amazing job he did the next day when I spoke to him.

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