Dave Attell in Los Angeles This Week


The GREAT Dave Attell is in L.A. this week. Normally a New York guy…Attell gets out to L.A. a few times a year to do stand-up comedy in the our clubs. You can catch him:

Tuesday – “Life of the Party with Jay Davis” at 10pm at the Laugh Factory

Wednesday – “Comedy Juice” at 10pm at the Hollywood Improv

Thursday – 10pm at Hollywood Improv

Friday – 8pm at Hollywood Improv

Saturday – 10pm at Hollywood Improv

That means he MAY be at the Laugh Factory at 8pm on Saturday…but I will have to check on that. If you have never seen Attell…he is arguably the best club comedian in the country. Meaning…if you are going to experience live comedy at a club…and you have one comedian to go watch…it’s Dave Attell. Two of my favorite comedians…Artie Lange and Greg Fitzsimmons both said the same thing last year on the Howard Stern Show…and I have to agree. He’s the man. Make the calls…book the tickets…and go see Attell this weekend.


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